First Week Down…

I am done my first week of work at McAllister & Quinn. The week started out very crazy…on Monday, my mom helped me move into my summer home in Takoma Park, which I found through AirBnB. My host is a lady named Ellen, who has been extremely nice and accommodating so far. 

Not only did I move in to my house, I also had to get used to using the Metro each day! My mom and I took a test run to make sure I was comfortable for my first day. I was happy to have here there with me! Commuting to work every day has been a big change for me, especially after attending Juniata where everyone is less than a 10 minute walk. My commute is about 50 minutes each day. I first have to walk 20 minutes to the Metro station. I then have a 20-25 minute ride on the red line each day to Farragut North. When I get to Farragut North, I have a 10 minute walk to get to my building. Needless to say, I have worn sneakers each day to and from work! 

My first two days at McAllister & Quinn were a lot of on-boarding with the office administrator, Katie. The best part so far about my time working at M & Q is how nice the people are there. Katie, and a couple other people, took me out to lunch my first day. Everyone else has introduced themselves, and been extremely welcoming. 

There are four other fellows at M & Q, who are all a little older than I am (I’m actually the only person who is still in school for their undergraduate degree). We all are working in the different practices areas in the firm. So far I have done research on clients for the Healthcare, Research Universities & Institutions, and Higher Education areas. 
Another aspect of the job is administrative work, such as cleaning the kitchen, restocking snacks, and manning the reception desk. Today was my first day at the reception desk. I was definitely a little nervous for this because I had to answer the phone and talk to clients, but I quickly became used to it. 

After a busy week full of new adjustments, I couldn’t be more tired. It will be nice to refuel and relax over the weekend before another week of walking and writing in the District


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