Commuting is no joke. You are at the absolute mercy of the transit system, which can completely affect your day. Especially if you are currently living in DC. This summer, the Metro is going under major construction. Trains are single-tracking, and even completely shutting down.

 Luckily for me, the Red line won’t be worked on until after I move out of Takoma Park. However, I am still slightly affected by it. On Wednesday, it took me over an hour to get to work because my train stopped for at least five minutes at each station. 

My commute on Wednesday was full of even more surprises. On my walk through Takoma to the train in the morning, I saw a rat the size of a squirrel. Literally, a squirrel. I have always read about rats getting big, but now I can say I encountered one out in the wild. 

On my walk home in Takoma, I came head-to-head with nature again. Ten minutes from my house, I saw a deer feasting on someone’s lawn. We stared each other down for 30 seconds. I was absolutely bewildered to be this close to a deer in DC. The deer was obviously was creeped out by my gaping. We parted ways, both a little taken back. 

I live in an urban jungle people. Emphasis on the jungle. 


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