Hello and Goodbye 

This week at M & Q, we said hello and goodbye. Hello to a new fellow, and goodbye to me and three other employees. 

We had an in-office happy hour on Thursday as a “goodbye party.” It was nice to take a break from working and relax for an hour. I think activities like this are extremely healthy for a workplace–in order to build strong professional relationships, it helps to have positive opportunities to build them inside the work setting. 

In addition to the happy hour, I also trained the new fellow to take on one of my jobs after I leave. Every week, I made a summary of the weekly NIH forecasting opportunities that are released. It was a bit surreal that in just a week, it won’t be my job anymore! 

On Friday, my dad and my sister came down to take some of my stuff from my house home. I will be taking the train from work to go home, so it was nice that they came down to help me lessen the weight in my suitcase. 

I also took them to Busboys & Poets so they could see what all the fuss was about. We started off with nachos, which were so good. 

Try the nachos at Busboys!

For dinner, I got chicken pizza, my dad got shrimp and chorizo pasta, and my sister got a falafel sandwich. It was another great meal from Busboys! 

Some of my best memories this summer have been sharing a meal and a drink with all the different people in my life! 


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