It is my last day at M & Q, and the summer has absolutely flown. Overall, it was a great experience, and one that I would recommend to other students! 

 I learned so much from my internship; for example, how the grants cycle works, and how much research is involved in the grants world. I was lucky to be able to dip my toes into different practice areas, for example Healthcare and Higher Education. What I enjoyed doing the most during my time at M & Q was copyediting various documents. 

 It was also interesting to experience the dynamics of working at a small consulting firm. During the last couple months, two new fellows were hired, and five employees (including me) left. However, M & Q is constantly interviewing people; a new fellow is starting next week. It is exciting to be in a work environment that constantly growing. 

That being said, the people I met this summer was my favorite part of my experience. Everyone was so nice, and willing to take a moment to answer a question and help me learn. There is a large junior staff here, and I appreciated their supportiveness, kindness, and friendliness immensely. 

Living in D.C. was also a great experience, and I can now say I lived and worked in a city. There is obviously so much to do and explore, and I only cracked the surface in my time here. I was also really lucky to get to live with my housemate, Ellen, who was so great. 

I’m so grateful I had this opportunity. Here are some tips that I learned from my experience: 

  • If you are working somewhere temporarily, AirBnB is an easy way to find housing.
  • Busboys & Poets was one of my favorite places that I ate. I recommend the Mediterraenaean Pasta, the chili, and the hummus. 
  • The National Gallery has amazing gelato. 
  • Being nice and cheerful at your internship is absolutely necessary. I am a huge introvert, but I genuinely enjoyed spending time with all the people I met.
  • Doing administrative tasks, like answering phones and restocking the kitchen, was a large part of my job. But these things are necessary to business running smoothly at the firm, so embrace it.
  • Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to live in a new place, and be in a role that you’ve never done before. I did it, and I grew and learned so much!

Now, back to Juniata! 


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